Maofeng green tea, first flush, controlled production and product 

  • Thé vert bio Maofeng (paquet de 50 g)
  • Pochettes thé vert Maofeng, idée cadeau

This tea is only available in 50 g pouches.
Mao Feng is a Chinese green tea, literally "tops fluffy" because the buds have an aspect of bird's down. It is one of the best green teas rich in buds, with floral, mineral and vegetable notes, which is harvested only once in the spring.
Green tea Mao Feng, whose means of production and products are controlled by independent bodies, comes from small gardens, east of Nepal, located at an altitude between 2000 m and 2200m, in the region of Ilam, making it one of the most H Autes tea plantations in the world. The property is ideally located for the production of tea and gives a green tea with rich aromas and unique taste.
This tea should be brewed lightly (30 seconds) If you fear the bitterness of green tea. The quality of this tea allows a second brew.

Benefits of green tea :

Green tea is a very powerful natural medicinal plant. It has applications in the prevention and treatment of a very large number of illnesses. Here are some of its medicinal properties:
-one of the most potent antioxidants (neutralizes free radicals),
-powerful detoxifying, lower cholesterol,
-Activates metabolism, stimulates fat burning,
-Improved vitality and athletic performance (strength and endurance),
-Increases insulin sensitivity (decreased risk of type 2 diabetes),
-Help in the prevention of different cancers, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases,
-Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, reinforces immunity,
-Anti-hypertensive (blood pressure reduction),
-Help with digestion.
Nevertheless, we must insist that the whole range of virtues and benefits highlighted with green tea is a matter of dietetics and not of therapy. A consumption of tea, however important, cannot in any way be treated as a cure for any disease.

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