Black tea special milk tea

  • black ctc tea
  • Milk tea, thé spécial pour le lait
Tea specially developed to be consumed with milk. Ideal for breakfast.


Tea CTC (cut-turn-drive) where the leaf is transformed into a round ball, ideal tea for breakfast with milk. This tea in on of the most consumed tea in the Nepal.


Spécial thé au lait 50g
Bag of 50g milk tea.

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thé noir au gingembre

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Traditional black tea which the aroma and flavor are underlined by the refined spicynote of ginger.

Thé noir de printemps, grand cru FTGFOP.

Nepal pure tea FTGFOP

Pure black tea, the best quality. 


Thé noir bio guranse

Black tea from Guranse, first flush, controlled production and product

Black tea from the Guranse plantations in Dhankuta west of Ilam, certified.