Exceptional tea from Ilam

  • Thé noir d'automne, grand cru STGFOP.
  • Thé noir d'Ilam
Black tea of Ilam, exceptional quality. Never deprive yourself.


SFTGFOP (Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe): the FTGFOP of exceptional quality.
For black teas from India and those from countries who have experienced the English influence, the grades of quality of black teas are designated by acronyms. Overall, more letters there, it designates a quality tea.
This classification is thus found for teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), of the Nepal, Bangladesh, of Turkey, of Georgia, Iran, and other countries in Africa and South America. Finally, only Japanese and Chinese teas do not meet this classification. See the "Culture of Tea" section for more details


Thé noir d'Ilam 50g
Bag of 50g Ilam tea .

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