Tulsi herbal drink

  • Infusion au tulsi, une délice sans théine, prévention contre les risque cardio-vasculaire, renforce l'himunité, excellent pour votre bien être et votre santé.
  • Pochette de tulsi herbal drink
Infusion from sacred basil (Tulsi).


The use and notoriety of Tulsi dates back more than 4000 years. The Tulsi is a plant originating in India that belongs to the Basil family. The use of Tulsi has spread throughout Asia before conquering Egypt and later Europe. Thanks to its curative, nutritious properties and its religious representation, the Tulsi occupies a place of choice in the Ayurvedic culture.
Because of its many properties that have been attributed to Tulsi, the plant has marked many civilisations that employed in a variety of different uses. Thus, the Egyptians used it, in the past, in the mummification process for its anti-bacterial and conservative principles.
For the Greeks, the Tulsi symbolized fertility and was reserved for the sovereignty of which the designation "Royal Grass" or "sacred Basil".
The tulsi symbolizes, for the Indians, the reincarnation of the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi who, through the use her leaves purified the Ganges. The plant also symbolizes the love of Gopi in Krishana.
The Indians also grant him many curative virtues like curing headaches, rum, flu ...
"Elixir of Life", Ayurvedic culture considers Tulsi as a plant with beneficial effects on health and longevity. Thus, the Tulsi is, at the same time, used in religious rites and for its medicinal virtues.
The Tulsi has many properties to which it owes its name Queen of herbs:
-Strengthens the immune system
-Reduces stress and soothes
-Acts on Aging
-Fight against infections (rum, cough, sore throat ...)
-Is an anti-inflammatory
-Acts on digestive disorders (diarrhea and stomach problems).
The tulsi mixture also includes herbs appreciated from the Ayurvedic pharmacy as the Tinospora cordifolia called also Guduchi (useful in the treatment of digestive disorders such as hyperacidity, colitis, abdominal pain and even hepatic disorders) or even Boerhavia diffusa widely known to relieve pain.


Pochette du thé yogi 50 g

Bag of 50g tulsi herbal drink.

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