Social impact

Entretien des théiers d'Ilam par les femmes

Nepal Dream Tea is a socially responsible organization. While having as goal the promotion and sale of the Nepal tea, we support the co-operative model in promoting the economic development of the region of Ilam tea producers.

At the same time, our action promotes the growing needs in this area of environmental protection as well as the educational, social and economic development.

In this context, we act to promote organic crops of tea and this in line with our philosophy to harmonize the relationship between the well-being of the people, respect for the environment and profit.

A education adapted

The Nepal has a population of about 30 million people; only 39% of the population can read and write. There is a large disparity between the literacy rates of men and women. According to the office of statistics, the women's literacy rate would be only 25% whereas it would be 54% for men.

Aware that the education needs, adapted to the specific context of the population of the region of Ilam, are essential for social and economic development, we will act to contribute to this mission. As such, Nepal Dream Tea works with cooperatives in accordance with our philosophy of development needs, forbidding children to work in the factories.

We will regularly inform you on this site of our concrete actions in favour of farmers in the region of Ilam.

Golden tips


Even if in the Nepal gods are everywhere, the country also has his demons: deficient infrastructure, deforestation, overpopulation, low literacy, under equipment of its networks of health and education, considerable external debt, enough chronic political instability. Despite efforts to modernize its public service, encourage the growth of tourism and the developmentof some industries, the Nepal isamong the poorest and least developed countries of the world. The Nepal faces to countless challenges, which to attract investment to develop its fragile economy.

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